A Dream Come True

Rebecca Jackson Achieves greater independence with help from Pathfinder Services

Rebecca Jackson

When Rebecca Jackson finished high school in 2007, she had dreams of living a more independent life — close to the family she loved and surrounded by friends who cared for her. Rebecca had big dreams, despite the challenges of a developmental disability.

Pathfinder Community Supports helped Rebecca achieve her dreams by helping her find housing and live more independently. Rebecca is thriving in her new life.

Achieving Greater Independence

Rebecca’s dream of independence began after she completed high school. Unsure of where to turn, Rebecca was referred to Pathfinder Services so she could find a group home while maintaining close family relationships. Pathfinder Services helped Rebecca locate housing in Knox, where she lives with seven other people and a caregiver who maintains safety and provides help for the residents. Life in the group home is much like a large family for Rebecca, giving her social connections as well as independence.

Because Rebecca thrives in social environments, the group home allows her to stay connected with people while making decisions for herself.

Kris Myers, a qualified developmental disability professional, says that choices like getting new glasses and haircuts are important for Rebecca because they are things she can do for herself.

Kris helps Rebecca create goals by asking her a series of questions and then devising steps to help Rebecca live a fuller, more satisfying life. “[I ask] if there are specific things you want to achieve. What can we help you with?”

“Rebecca counts on Pathfinder Services for the support that she needs to live independently,” Kris says.

Reaching Goals

About a year ago, Rebecca began employment as a janitor at the Starke County Chamber of Commerce, a role that allows her to engage with people in the community. On the job, Kris says Rebecca is a “firecracker, hilarious, a lot of fun. She is absolutely great to have around.”

All this support has allowed Rebecca’s positive, upbeat personality to flourish, while she lives the life she dreamed of after high school. Pathfinder Services helped Rebecca’s vibrant spirit shine even brighter by providing her with a home, guidance, and stability to maintain a job and live independently.
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