A Family Affair

“With four young children at home, the youngest two of which had been diagnosed with autism, Kathy had a full plate.”

Kathy Scott was a single mom in need of a new home and a new start, when she connected with the homeownership division at Pathfinder Services, and they were able to help guide her through the classes and the process of purchasing her own home.

With four young children at home, Kathy had a full plate and needed help finding the right niches for Melissa and Amanda, her youngest two with autism. When she moved to Huntington, Amanda had attended Kids Kampus, which Kathy didn’t realize was affiliated with Pathfinder Services. When the girls got into high school, their caseworker connected them with Pathfinder Community Supports after school program.

Because of their autism, Melissa and Amanda struggled to combine pieces of their lives. For example, they could handle going to school, and they loved doing projects at home, but doing schoolwork at home created issues, because they couldn’t seem to mesh the two areas of life into one space. Because of the day services program through Pathfinder Community Supports, the girls were able to do something productive and social with their at-home time that helped reduce their struggles and provide relief to their mom.

Melissa now attends day services, and Amanda goes to the Creative Abilities Art Studio, a newer program that gives creative minds a productive outlet. She spends her time painting and making jewelry. Being part of this program not only gives Amanda a chance to use her gifts, but it allows her to make friends with others who have similar talents and gives her a chance to earn an income selling her arts.

Kathy’s oldest daughter, Brittany, was five and six years older than her sisters with autism. Even though Brittany was a little more removed by age, she saw their struggles and the help they received through Pathfinder Services, and she wanted to be able to do something to help others like her family had been helped.

Grodrian Family

Brittany had skills in credit coaching and knowledge of lending, but she had no idea for a while that Pathfinder Services was involved in affordable housing. She didn’t even know her mom had gotten their home with the help of the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center. When Brittany saw the job listing, she knew that’s where she wanted to work. For her, the job is an opportunity to make a real and lasting difference for families.

Brittany is the mother of two. Her daughter went to Kids Kampus before enrolling in kindergarten, and now her son attends Kids Kampus, too.
Brittany wants to keep helping families make their homeownership dreams come true, and Kathy wants to keep seeing her younger two daughters thrive as they make their way through adulthood. Together they represent a family whose lives give and receive help through the mission of Pathfinder Services.