A Happy Homecoming

How Amramp helped Angela Vance rehabilitate at home

Amramp customer Angela Vance

Angela Vance is happy to be in her own home today, something that wouldn’t have been possible without Amramp, a division of Pathfinder Services dedicated to providing modular wheelchair ramps and other accessibility solutions. When a knee surgery in December 2014 led to several complications and a long recovery at a nursing home, Angela longed to be back in her own home. Because her home lacked wheelchair accessibility, however, and because Angela lacked the resources to make that possible, recovering at home just wasn’t an option.

That’s when Angela heard about Amramp and its grant program that would make ramp installation possible for qualified applicants. One phone call to Diane Miller, associate director for commercial operations with Amramp, offered Angela the hope she was longing for. “Diane Miller was a godsend to me,” says Angela. Once Diane determined that Angela would qualify for a grant, she wasted no time in getting the process rolling. “Diane started the grant application right away,” says Angela. “Within a week, I was approved for the grant and the ramp was up.”

Professional and Courteous

Of course, Angela was thrilled with how quickly the process moved, but she was especially impressed when the Amramp installers made a visit to her at the nursing home before the installation. “They even measured my wheelchair to make sure they had the right size ramp,” says Angela. It was this kind of attention to detail, even with such a quick turnaround, that made a real impact on Angela. “I wouldn’t have gotten out of that nursing home without that ramp,” says Angela. “There wouldn’t have been any way I could have gotten in my house.”

Recovering at Home

Today, Angela is able to rehabilitate in the comfort of her own home, and she easily comes and goes as she pleases. Thanks to Amramp, getting to doctor’s appointments and the occasional trip to the park is something she can accomplish with ease. “Just regular living is all I want right now,” says Angela, something that Amramp made possible. “I just can’t say enough about how much that ramp means to me.”

If you’d like to help people like Angela have a happy homecoming, please give us a call. Your volunteer hours or financial gifts have the power to bring someone home. And if you or someone you know could benefit from Amramp’s services, don’t hesitate to reach out by calling 260.519.0101 or toll free at 800.649.5215. We just might have the solution you’re looking for!