A Partner in Need is a Partner Indeed

Our Sunday Visitor turned to Pathfinder Outsource Manufacturing for help.

Our Sunday Visitor had a critical need for some helping hands about four years ago, and that’s when the company turned to Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing. It’s been a very productive partnership ever since.

“We called OutSource Manufacturing out of necessity the first time around,” says Cindy Dillman, distribution manager for Our Sunday Visitor. “It was during a peak-season crunch. We really needed help to meet customer demand. Pathfinder’s workers rose to the task and did a great job. It was spot on. In fact, they finished the work and returned it faster than we could have done it ourselves.”

No job too big

Among the many Catholic-related products and services it offers, Our Sunday Visitor is the world’s largest manufacturer of church offering envelopes, making several hundred million annually. So what role do Outsource Manufacturing’s workers play in Our Sunday Visitor’s bustling business?

“They do quite a variety of work,” Dillman says. “They perform rework on products. They sort out bad copies and insert replacement parts when possible. They bundle loose items. They label products for specific stores. They put together kits, as well as presort, bag, and tag mail before it’s sent to the post office. I’m stunned by the variety of things they’ve been able to take on and accomplish.

“Pathfinder as an organization also provides a high level of personal service,” Dillman says. “Their representatives are very involved and really get into specifics. Sometimes they see things we don’t. And we’re seeing a measurable return on our investment. Using Pathfinder allows us a faster turnaround, which maintains our level of customer service when we can’t do everything ourselves.”

Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing meets ISO 9001 standards, and Dillman says that’s a reflection of the workers’ attention to detail and conscientiousness. “We don’t require that they meet ISO 9001 standards, but we can definitely see that they hold themselves to very high standards and a level of quality we can rely on.”

Good for business, good for people

OutSource Manufacturing’s workers are of varying abilities. Dillman says Our Sunday Visitor is very pleased to provide them with a way to earn. “Our partnership with Pathfinder is a business decision first. But it’s also a benefit to give people opportunities for employment that they might not have otherwise. In fact, some of our full-time employees have family members who are Pathfinder clients.”

Dillman highly recommends Pathfinder’s OutSource Manufacturing to other companies looking for a high-quality helping hand. “I absolutely recommend them. The folks there are equipped to handle a wide range of tasks. I was surprised by the level of flexibility they offer, as well as the detail and complication the team could tackle. We all have peaks, surprises, manning shortages—that’s how I discovered Pathfinder as a resource—but after being pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to do business with them and how quickly the work is turned, I now appreciate them as more than a partner during crisis. I imagine there’s something they can do to help any manufacturing company.”

If you need competitive outsourcing solutions for your company, consider Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing. We offer high quality solutions that meet the demands of today’s marketplace.