The purpose of the Foundation is to advise and guide all major tax-deductible contributions, gift, and bequests given to benefit Pathfinder Services, Inc (PSI). In addition two of the major goals of the Foundation are to provide funds for the benefit of those served by PSI and to identify and provide funds for others with mental and physical disabilities not served by PSI.

Upon request the Foundation will give a matching grant of $1500, annually to the Huntington, Plymouth, and Wabash Client Services Funds. These funds support entertainment for customers in residential and day services. The money is used to pay for camp, cottage rental fees, and other recreational needs that are not covered in other ways. The Client Services Fund also provides funds for individuals needing specific financial aid.

At times it is in the best interest of the Foundation, PSI and the community to reach out to help other not-for-profit agencies and/or others with mental and physical disabilities not served by PSI. The board will consider all requests with emphasis with those requests that support the PSI clients and non-PSI community residents with mental & physical disabilities. All requests for financial assistance must be presented to the board in writing indicating the amount and use for the monies.

Annually the board will be prepared to utilize up to 5% of the account balance funds generated from the Unrestricted Fund for the previous fiscal year. This does not include the matching grant funds presented to the Client Services Funds.

Sheryl Glancy

For more information, contact Sheryl Glancy at [email protected]