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Olivia's Education

Olivia received a head start on her education by taking advantage of opportunities at Pathfinder Kids Kampus.
““The earlier you start a child in school, the better chance that child has at being successful later in life.””

Olivia's Education

Posted 08/05/2016

Heather S. is a mother of four children, ages 2 – 15. She has come to believe that the earlier you start a child in school, the better chance that child has at being successful later in life.

Take her experience with her daughter, Olivia, age 2, for example.

For a little over a year, Olivia has been enrolled in Early Head Start and is reaping multiple benefits from the program. One of the most obvious benefits of Early Head Start is the socialization Olivia receives at school.

“Olivia is always excited for opportunities to interact with her friends,”

says Heather.

Not only does Olivia gain significant socialization with her peers and teachers; she also receives extra learning opportunities with materials she normally wouldn’t play with at home. And, thanks to educational parent workshops, Heather is now learning how to make educational toys out of every day, household items, too.

But the services don’t end there. Heather also really enjoys her home visits with the family child educator, who works with her and her daughter, one-on-one.

This educator shows Heather toys and activities from school and explains how much Olivia is learning from these experiences. The family child educator also brings information about resources that she knows will benefit the family, such as current calendars from Work One, along with information about story hours at the public library.

Home based services

In addition to these educational opportunities, Olivia also receives therapy from First Steps at Pathfinder Kids Kampus. The playground equipment, both indoor and outdoor, is just Olivia’s size, and she receives good, nutritious meals, including a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Perhaps one of the best ways that Olivia has benefitted from Early Head Start is through the free vision screening, made possible through the local Lions Club.

“Thanks to a free vision screening,”

says Heather,

“we discovered that Olivia had a condition requiring glasses. Now, she sees the world in a whole new way!”

Heather served on the Early Head Start Policy Council, which gave her the chance to speak up for her fellow community members.

“I’m so thankful for the opportunities that we’ve had with Early Head Start,”

says Heather.

“I highly recommend the program to other families.”