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Sarah working at YMCA

Sarah's Passions

Sarah finds fulfillment in her art and in her job. There are never enough hours in the day to do what she loves.
“I am always doing something and always want to do more. There’s never enough hours in the day.”

Sarah's Passions

Posted 06/02/2016

For Sarah, nothing creates a sense of relaxation or excitement like art.

The Creative Abilities Arts Studio offers an opportunity for those who are served to express themselves in a way they might not have an opportunity to otherwise utilize, and for Sarah, it is the ultimate experience.

Sarah’s love for art began in high school when she would test and challenge her abilities in ceramic pottery. But it wasn’t until she began visiting the Creative Abilities Studio that she found a love for acrylic paint. Her favorite is utilizing large canvases to create landscapes or, recently, a 30x60 painting of a peacock.

Sarah explains,

“I went through Pinterest and chose a variety of peacocks. I wanted to originally paint three peacocks in this painting but it was too much.”

Even so, Sarah studied the texture of the feathers and the look of the eyes in the pictures she collected and created a painting she’s looking forward to selling. The idea gave Sarah a sense of pride while also helping others see aspects in their own creations, which puts everything into perspective.

Sarah outside ymca 2

Sarah has been with Pathfinder Services since 2007, when she began her career at the YMCA. She worked in the old building and continued her janitorial position at the more inviting new facility. Through the help of various job coaches along the way, Sarah continually takes on more responsibility. She often goes above and beyond the job description to assist in other areas, whether cleaning the pool or wiping equipment in the weight room. The position allows her to utilize a free membership and gave her the means to purchase a 2012 Malibu to replace her old 1997 Buick.

Whether she’s at work, in the Art Studio, or out about town with friends enjoying McDonalds or pizza, Pathfinder has allowed Sarah the opportunity to get out of the house.

“If I wasn’t involved with Pathfinder, I’d be at home driving my dad crazy and going bonkers.”

Her mom also believes Pathfinder Services has provided a good opportunity and has made a big difference in Sarah’s life.

Sarah encourages others to give the program a try by visiting different facilities and finding which one is the perfect fit.

“There’s always something to explore. I am always doing something and always want to do more. There’s never enough hours in the day.”