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Vickie cundiff

Vickie's New Opportunities

Perseverance from Vickie Cundiff’s family paid off to provide a life rich with adventure and happiness
“Launched into new opportunities”

Vickie's New Opportunities

Posted 01/20/2016

In 1955, the options available to those with disabilities in Huntington County were nearly non-existent. But perseverance from Vickie Cundiff’s family paid off to provide a life rich with adventure and happiness.

When Vickie became school age, her mother searched for a school until she found Vera Cruz in Bluffton. This was quite a drive for the family, but they transported Vickie back and forth for several years to provide the best possible education for their daughter. Finally, in 1967, they learned of the Village School, a new option closer to home. When it opened its doors, Vickie transferred to the school, where she flourished through graduation in 1974.

Graduation launched Vickie into new opportunities as she left Village School behind to participate in the Village Workshop. Through the workshop, she secured jobs at Huntington Lab and other paying positions as well as took part in simulation jobs to improve her skills. Later, she was chosen to work in the Enclave Program. Her new job coach helped her attain a position at Bendix. After her job ended, Vickie returned to the Day Services program at Pathfinder Services. Vickie continued to live at home until after her mother’s death. In 2007, the family was approached about a new group home opening. Vickie made the move to the new facility her next adventure. The Thomas Road home has proved to be a wonderful experience. She lives with four other ladies, all sharing in daily chores and cooking meals.

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She’s taken ballroom dance lessons, bowls, and swims. Through her continued participation in Pathfinder Community Supports Day Services program, she delivers meals and assists with other community activities. Recently, Vickie’s longtime wish was granted through Pathfinder Services’ Dream Fund to see Dolly Parton in concert. She and her sister were treated to dinner and a show. Though Vickie participated in summer camps and Special Olympics, the experience of seeing Dolly Parton was her greatest dream come true in a life full of experiences.