Amanda Curry Story

I enrolled in the prenatal program because being a first time mom is exciting and wonderful but also a little scary and daunting. I wanted to learn and prepare myself for whatever I would encounter as a parent. This program focuses on me and my baby, so I know that I am just as important to the program as my child.

My prenatal educator, Karen, always listens to my endless questions and provides me with answers. She also gives me information on anything I need. She helps me prepare for future challenges in parenting both as a mother and as a care provider by setting goals that we work weekly on to achieve. Our main goal is to prepare me for my upcoming bundle of joy, and make sure I am confident in my abilities as a mother.

This program gives me comfort and reassurance. By giving me information I requested, bringing me new ideas or even just listening to the big events of my week, I feel valued. It makes me happy to know that I have full support in my commitment to my child.

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-Amanda Curry

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