August 2018 Newsletter

Home is Where Your Pet Is

Awhile back we had a young couple who was closing on their home.  We like to share these happy stories with others, so we were there to take a photo.  On a whim, they decided to include their dog in the picture.  It was so cool!

That picture spawned the question; I wonder about how many people buy their first home because it provides a better living situation for their pet(s)? I did some research and the data from multiple polls showed that 40% of first time home buyers decide to buy their home so they can have more security and control over the living situation for their pet. 40% is incredible! If you really think about it, it is true for so many people looking to buy a house. I could recall at least half a dozen people in the last month that I’ve talked with who said the main reason they wanted to buy was for their dog.

Another piece of data from those polls showed that individuals in the millennial generation listed their pet as the #3 reason for buying a home. The #4 reason was for their kids or the potential of kids! Now that’s an interesting outcome. Of the millennials polled, the majority were wanting a house for their pet more than their kids or the potential for having kids. But it proves a great point. With our kids, they can live anywhere. A landlord would never be allowed to decline you for an apartment because of your kids. (That’s illegal.) However, they can decline you for having a Pit Bull or a German Shepherd or several other breeds. They could even decline you just for having a pet, period. Or they could charge you an annual pet deposit fee, plus a monthly fee on top of rent just to keep a pet in your apartment. Therefore, owning a home is logically a far better situation for a pet.

In the last year, we at the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center decided to get involved in the fight for pet security. We attended the Northern Indiana Pet Expo a few months ago to talk with people about owning a home for the safety and security of their pet. We also became a Corporate Sponsor of the Allen County Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty, sponsoring an adoption every month. Plus, we offer the opportunity for 6 of our homebuying customers to get a free adoption certificate from us when they close on their home. Through all of that, we are proud to enable at least 18 pets to be adopted to good families per year. We believe that having safe, secure and affordable housing is the right of every American. We work tirelessly to make that happen for hundreds of people each year. But we also believe that it’s the right thing to do to help ensure a safe and secure home for domesticated animals.

The benefits of owning a home for your pet is obvious and the companionship a pet offers is irreplaceable. If you don’t currently have a pet and own your home, please consider reaching out to the SPCA or your local animal shelter to adopt. If you have a pet or want a pet but are struggling with keeping a safe and secure living situation for them, please reach out to us at the HomeOwnership Center. We’re glad to help you down the path of home ownership.