Bookseller speaks volumes about Pathfinder Services

Quality, consistency and value are keys to success

America West Books turns to Pathfinder Outsource Manufacturing for help with its product returns.

Pathfinder Services would be hard-pressed to find a better endorsement of its OutSource Manufacturing than the one provided by Justin Wheeler, warehouse manager at American West Books (AWB), which is headquartered in Sanger, California. AWB is a major nationwide supplier to warehouse clubs, specialty grocers, and national booksellers. In addition to books, AWB sells a variety of other products such as maps, puzzles, and games.

OutSource Manufacturing provides a much appreciated workforce that processes AWB’s East Coast Whole Foods returns. “Our Pathfinder workers process returns at a near-perfect rate and very quickly,” Wheeler says. “They communicate with us with exactly the information we need every time, and they’re constantly helping us to improve systems as they see issues arise.”

A partnership packed with value

Wheeler says AWB chose Pathfinder’s OutSource Manufacturing for a variety of reasons. “We chose to partner with Pathfinder because of their competitive cost structure, the rave reviews they receive from their other partners, their servant attitude, and because of their knowledge in manufacturing.”

And it was a good decision, Wheeler adds. “Our partnership with Pathfinder has much value. Their constant desire to communicate with us regardless of the reason, and their desire to help us be more efficient in areas like packaging costs, have proved quite valuable. Pathfinder is always looking for ways to help us provide excellent customer service, value, efficiency, effective business practices, and outstanding communication. We could not find a better partner to work with.”

Good for the financial books, too

What’s more, AWB is realizing a tangible return on its investment with OutSource Manufacturing. “Pathfinder’s commitment to excellence has helped us reduce our returns-inventory turnover for our East Coast Whole Foods,” Wheeler explains. “This has allowed us to process credits in a much more timely fashion and pay our vendors quicker—something our vendors are much happier about, as well.”

The quality of the work performed keeps Wheeler happy. “Pathfinder’s ability to meet ISO 9001 standards is just another testament to their excellence in quality,” he says. “This is proven time and time again in their ability to exceed our expectations of both quality and on-time delivery.

“We would absolutely recommend Pathfinder to any business,” Wheeler adds. “They display qualities of commitment, quality, excellence, and character that are at the top of any industry.”

If you need competitive outsourcing solutions for your company, consider Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing. We offer high quality solutions that meet the demands of today’s marketplace.