Brandy's Story

“They do home visits which I love because I can interact with an adult that cares for my child’s development as much as I do.”

My name is Brandy Kalhoefer and I am married with 8 children ranging in age from 1 ½ to 15. We have lived in Huntington for almost 5 years. We are originally from Kissimmee, Florida.
I am involved with my community with operation Back Yard and What is your ID which are events for youth inour community that are organized by a few of the churches in Huntington. We attend St. Peter’s First Community Church on Etna Avenue which is really involved with Love In the Name of Christ and Blessings in a Backpack.
We think being a part of the community and giving to the needy is very important.

My two oldest go to Huntington North High School and three of the eight go to Lincoln Elementary. I got involved with Early Head Start because it was an opportunity for one of my children to go to preschool. When she was in Early Head Start, they would do home visits which I loved because I could interact with an adult that cares for my child’s development as much as I do. I also learned new things from the home visits like discipline
techniques that are age appropriate.
I chose to be on the Early Head Start Policy Council and on the Pathfinder Services Board as a Parent Representative to be more involved in the program and because I have been in school to become an at risk youth and family counselor. So this gives me an open door opportunity to get closer to my community and programs that are involved with behavioralissues and lower income families. It’s a path I believe God has put me on to have experience for my Master’s in Social Work and Counseling.