Brayden's Story

Our two year old son, Brayden, has been going to Pathfinder Kids Kampus since he was three months old. We chose Pathfinder Kids Kampus because we wanted the best environment possible for him while we had to work. Pathfinder Kids Kampus provides that environment! We know that when we drop him off he is going to be taken care of by very kind and knowledgeable people. We know that his days have structure to them. Pathfinder Kids Kampus does a lot of activities that help children learn through play. Brayden has taught us how to sign words like “more” and “please.” Brayden’s doctor said that he has an exceptional vocabulary for a child his age. Pathfinder Kids Kampus helps children excel. We miss out on eight hours of his life every day because we have to work. We know that the next best thing to Brayden being with us is Pathfinder Kids Kampus.

– Richard and Lisa Clabaugh

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