Brendan: The Difference Pathfinder Services Made

His Story

Every mother’s biggest dream is for her child to be healthy and normal, and when that dream doesn’t come true, she must learn to create the best possible life for her child. And for Ruby, that journey has been just a little bit easier because of the help offered through Pathfinder Services.

Ruby’s son Brenden was just three days old when he suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed on his left side. At the age of one, he had his first seizure, and when he was two, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. It wasn’t the future she envisioned for her son, and certainly a part of her grieved the loss of what she dreamed about, but with a very determined spirit, she picked herself up and moved forward to give Brenden the best life possible.

Now seventeen years old, Brenden still lives at home with Ruby and his younger brother, Hunter. Despite the doctor’s predictions that he would never walk, he did learn to walk, and his mom has hope that over time, he may learn other skills that he hasn’t yet achieved.

Brenden was enrolled in Kids Kampus until he passed the maximum age to attend, and the staff worked hard to give him the environment he needed to thrive. They helped him find a balance between interacting with other kids and having the quiet space he needed when he felt over-stimulated. They also helped him learn basic skills, like the alphabet.

When Brenden’s younger brother, Hunter, came along, Ruby had the option to send him elsewhere, but Brenden’s experience at Kids Kampus had been so positive, she wanted Hunter to have the same opportunity. Though Hunter’s needs were very different, the overall benefit was the same. Kids Kampus gave Hunter the environment he needed, which was the chance to interact with kids of all abilities. That helped him make lifelong friendships and prepared for school.

Ruby appreciates the investment the staff has made in Brenden, getting to know him as well as she does, protecting him and advocating for him, even though he communicates in ways that don’t involve words.

Ruby knows life for her family would look very different today without the support and love of the staff at Pathfinder Services. She knows one day, the physical toll of caring for Brenden by herself will be too much and he will need to transition into a home provided by Pathfinder Community Supports, but for now, she loves the bond they share and the chance she has to care for him herself. She sometimes wonders what he would be like as a teenager without disabilities, but she knows that this path is the one he was meant to take, and she loves him for who he is. She’s thankful he has had the chance to be more than she dreamed, thanks to the people of Pathfinder Services.