Building the Dream

How Jermaine and Tandalla rebuilt their credit and bought a home

Jermaine Jackson became a homeowner with help from Pathfinder Services. Jermaine Jackson is a 30-year-old self-employed insurance salesman who has been married to his wife, Tandalla, for ten years. They have two young daughters, Trinity, nine, and Khloe, four. At the time of Trinity’s birth, Jermaine and his wife were going through the difficult and sometimes frustrating process of attempting to secure a home mortgage. “It always seemed as if every time we went through the process to secure a mortgage,” says Jermaine, “something came up, whether our credit wasn’t in the best shape or because I was self-employed and just getting started [in the business],” he said.

That’s when the Jacksons decided to participate in a course for first-time homebuyers presented by the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center. “They brought in individuals from almost every aspect of the home ownership industry,” says Jermaine, “including a realtor, an appraiser, even an insurance agent, to offer an in-depth understanding of everything involved in home ownership, such as what all goes into your mortgage, including the taxes, insurance and the PMI.”

Becoming “Financially Fit”

Jermaine and his wife also enrolled in the Financial Fitness course offered by Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center. The course focuses on financial literacy, as well as credit repair and home ownership training. “It helps people understand clearly how a credit score is determined and how to be financially fit,” he says. “My wife and I were in this position because of the poor financial decisions we’d been making, and we knew we needed to start making changes. It was an educational process and a wake-up call, but we completed the program successfully and then started using our new tools to rebuild our credit.”

Realizing the Dream

Today, the Jacksons are in the process of building their first home, thanks to the encouragement they received through Pathfinder Services. “My association with Pathfinder Services has allowed me to be more responsible for the actions and decisions I make,” says Jermaine. “In turn, I have been able to educate others because of what I’ve learned and the resources given me. I’ve found that I can play a part and be a resource for the community.”

If you need help with improving your credit score or securing a home mortgage, just give us a call. We’d be happy to get you the tools you need to build your dreams!