Building Their Future

Erik and Nicole Russell lived in a very small house with their three teenage children and felt they could only dream of more space and stability for their family.  That is, until they noticed a newspaper ad talking about building an affordable, brand new home.  The Russell’s were uncertain whether their dream of building an affordable home for their family was even possible, but they contacted Granite Ridge Builders who in-turn referred them to Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center.   “The Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center’s staff made the whole process simple and easy to understand,” Nicole says. “Thanks to the staff and guidance of the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center, we realized our dream and built a beautiful home with Granite Ridge Builders.” The Russell family closed on their brand new home on September 8, 2014.

The Russell family is loving their new home.  They were able to gain an extra 600 square feet of space in their new home, and have the space they were needing for their 3 teenage children.  With their brand new home they have a stronger sense of stability and assurance in the quality of their house. Their 3 children love their own rooms and a beautiful yard.  The best part is living in a quiet community that they have always dreamed of.  Nicole says, “It has made a huge difference in our lives!  This new home has been a huge blessing to us.

The Russell’s are grateful for learning about Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center, Granite Ridge Builders, and the USDA RD 502 Direct Loan.