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Paul Thang: The American Dream

Prosperity: Happiness & Health After living as refugees in Malaysia for a year and a half, Paul, his wife and their four children were relocated to the United States. Their life in Malaysia had been full of fear and concern. “As soon as we landed in this country,” Paul said, “we were so happy.” Though … Read more »

Become a VITA Volunteer!

What is VITA? For many families in Huntington, Wabash, and North Manchester, taxes can feel like a burden. VITA Volunteers work to help lift that burden by offering families free tax preparation. Saving fees and maximizing tax refunds can give these families a path to financial stability by putting their hard-earned money back into their … Read more »

November 2018 Newsletter

Old Man Winter Northern Indiana winter. We all know it can be unpredictable. Will it snow? Will it ice? Will it all melt the next day? Yes, yes and yes. One thing is certain though. It’s cold regardless. Old Man Winter can be nice and serene and other times he can be downright nasty. This … Read more »

October 2018 Newsletter

What’s A Car Got to Do With It? About 10 years ago, my wife and I were buying our first car together. We had no idea what we were doing. We were 23 years old. We were excited. We were intimidated. And we got taken. Bad. The guy at the dealership got us into a … Read more »

August 2018 Newsletter

Home is Where Your Pet Is Awhile back we had a young couple who was closing on their home.  We like to share these happy stories with others, so we were there to take a photo.  On a whim, they decided to include their dog in the picture.  It was so cool! That picture spawned … Read more »

July 2018 Newsletter

Back to School! Benefits of Homeownership for Kids Many people focus only on what they could gain financially when they consider buying a home.  This month, I’d like to look beyond the financial benefits and consider how owning your own home impacts the health and well-being of our children. Like many families, my wife and … Read more »

June 2018 Newsletter

Your Home Is an Asset: Ways to Add Value to It: You bought a home! You’ve just taken out tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of debt! Wait, so how can you call that an asset? Well here’s the definition: Asset (noun) A useful and desirable thing A single item of ownership having exchange … Read more »

Kyle’s Path to HomeOwnership

“My name is Kyle Owen.  I’m 26 years old and I already purchased my first home by myself thanks to the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center.” Kyle was fairly content renting an apartment with a couple of his friends.  He enjoyed not having to worry about maintenance issues and was comfortable sharing the monthly costs of the … Read more »

Space and Accessibility for Maddie

For many families, the prospect of buying their first home is a daunting but exciting process. They look forward to exploring neighborhoods, visiting prospective homes and eventually finding the one that's the perfect fit for them. For Ian and Sarah Kennedy, however, buying a home wasn't exciting as much as it was stressful and seemingly … Read more »

May 2018 Newsletter

Closing On Your Home; Plus Moving Tips: It was hilarious. Not so much at the time. But now it’s funny. We were to the time for closing on our first home. My wife and I were so excited of course. But our closing kept getting pushed back. By the end of it, it was rescheduled … Read more »