Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing

Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing Promotes Services at INARF Annual Conference

Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing promoted the variety of OSM services at the INARF 2015 Annual Conference. Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing provides solutions to  high labor and facility costs that reduce a company’s productivity and profit levels. Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing provides cost effective solutions, top quality manufacturing and subcontracting services. Our vast capabilities include delivery services, skin packing, die cutting, bag … Read more »

Outsource Manufacturing Division Secures New "Industrial Wipes" Contract

We are excited to announce that we have a new industrial wipes contract in our Outsource Manufacturing division located on State Street in Huntington. Contracts like this enable Pathfinder Services to meet its mission to "enable people experiencing developmental or economic challenges to achieve independence, inclusion and stability" by providing meaningful, rewarding jobs for our … Read more »

John Baker's Story

I have been working with Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing for over a year. I do everything from putting together automotive parts to making boxes, and putting kits together. I wanted to work more in the community and was recently hired by Professional Janitorial Services with the help of Pathfinder Resource Connection to clean the Pathfinder North … Read more »

Mike’s Story

I have been working with Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing and for Amramp this past year. I do everything they need including making binders, material handling and projects on the Manufacturing floor, pick up and delivery driving, and making ControlAbility which is a really cool product! (more…) … Read more »

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Pathfinder Youtube ChannelFollow Pathfinder Services on TwitterCheck us out on FacebookPathfinder RSS Feed … Read more »

MonoFoil® Technology

Learn more about MonoFoil® and MonoFoil on Fox News National with Dr. Manny Alvarez on Health Talk: Learn More (more…) … Read more »