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Pathfinder Services Dream Fund: Steve and Caleb

Steve and Caleb both had dreams of going to a Fort Wayne Mad Ants game. After reaching out to Lake City Bank and the Mad Ants, we decided that we could turn this dream into a memorable evening including several individuals who are served by Pathfinder Services. Watch the video to see how this dream … Read more »

Brendan: The Difference Pathfinder Services Made

His Story Every mother's biggest dream is for her child to be healthy and normal, and when that dream doesn't come true, she must learn to create the best possible life for her child. And for Ruby, that journey has been just a little bit easier because of the help offered through Pathfinder Services. Ruby's … Read more »

Kids Kampus Premiere Preschool

You are looking for a safe, secure “home away from home” where your child can learn, play, and grow. We have designed a nurturing, creative world for infants and toddlers to help their minds and bodies develop. Premiere Preschool gives your child the jump start on kindergarten they deserve. Improved social skills, problem solving, and … Read more »

Diana’s Art

Diana Gentis became a part of the Pathfinder Services family when the world was a much different place.  Even just 25 years ago, the options for those with disabilities to receive adequate care and be a part of their community were few and far between. She remembers vividly no longer attending school in the 3rd … Read more »

Rebecca’s Dream of Independence

Her Story When Rebecca Jackson finished high school in 2007, she had dreams of living a more independent life — close to the family she loved and surrounded by friends who cared for her. Rebecca had big dreams and Pathfinder Community Supports helped Rebecca achieve her dreams by helping her find housing and live more … Read more »

Kim’s Perseverance

Her Story Kim Mowery knows the value of hard work. She excels not only at one, but two jobs. Kim appreciates her steady employment, but she also faces daily challenges due to an intellectual disability. Transportation and assistance with daily living are keys to her independent lifestyle. That’s why Kim looks to Pathfinder Community Supports … Read more »

Alena’s Journey

Her Story When his mother died in 2008, Steve Douglas wanted his daughter, Alena, to be at her grandmother’s funeral. But he hadn’t seen Alena in three years. Alena’s mother had custody, and Steve didn’t want a court battle. So, he drove to the town of the last-known address he had for Alena. “I couldn’t … Read more »

Space & Accessibility for Maddie

For most families, the prospect of buying a home is daunting, but exciting. They look forward to going to see homes and picking out the perfect fit for them. For Ian and Sarah Kennedy, the prospect of buying a home was simultaneously critical and impossible.Ian and Sarah’s sixteen-year-old daughter Maddie has disabilities and was struggling … Read more »

Stephy: Good People

Her Story Stephy’s Aunt Ruth introduced Pathfinders Services to Stephy’s mother, giving Stephy a chance to experience more than her mother ever dreamt possible. At four years old, Stephy began school at the Village Training Center as the only student in Mary Brennen’s class at the Clear Creek location. Stephy loved it from the beginning … Read more »