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August Newsletter

Meraki: A Toast to the Arts Pathfinder Services is excited to host an exclusive wine and art event you won't want to miss. The event will be held at the modern, yet sophisticated, TWO-EE's Winery in Roanoke. The concert will be featuring incredible singer/songwriter Jennie DeVoe. All proceeds from the event will support Pathfinder Services … Read more »

Norman: Employment Services

Prosperity: Good Fortune Norman’s story defines the word prosperity – good fortune.  He independently lives in a home that he owns, has a dog named Cherokee and has a job that he loves and does well.  Norman’s good fortune is due to a bit of support from Pathfinder Services and a great deal of his … Read more »

Living with Pathfinder

Pathfinder Community Supports believes that all people with disabilities deserve to live in a warm and enriching home environment in order to attain the most independent, productive and dignified life style possible. Kurtis was born with developmental disabilities. When his mother and caretaker passed away in 2005, his family researched several options and liked what … Read more »

#InclusionWorks – National Disability Awareness Month

Pathfinder Resource Connection today announced its plan to participate in National Disability Employment Awareness Month, an annual awareness campaign that takes place each October. The purpose of National Disability Employment Awareness Month is to educate about disability employment issues and celebrate the many and varied contributions of America's workers with disabilities. This year's theme is … Read more »

Growing a Business, Building Community

Modoc’s Market models inclusion Ask Angie Beauchamp about helping people find a place in the workforce, and she’ll tell you it’s the right thing to do. A respected community leader and 12-year owner of Modoc’s Market, a coffee shop in Wabash, Angie is also a valuable partner to Pathfinder Resource Connection, the employment division of … Read more »

The Path Home

Father and daughter rebuild their lives When his mother died in 2008, Steve Douglas wanted his daughter, Alena, to be at her grandmother’s funeral. But he hadn’t seen Alena in three years. Alena’s mother had custody, and Steve didn’t want a court battle. So, he drove to the town of the last-known address he had … Read more »

Against All Odds

Trisha Robbins overcomes brain injury obstacles—and helps others do the same! Trisha Robbins is a fighter. Once a successful realtor/auctioneer, she began to suffer from headaches and unexplained dizziness. In 2003, she received the diagnosis: an acoustic neuroma, which had grown to 2.5 cm and was pushing on her brain stem. Unfortunately, the surgery to … Read more »

Burger King finds success with Pathfinder Resource Connection

Since June of 2007, Burger King of Wabash has hired clients of Pathfinder Resource Connection. The Manager has invested time, patience and the additional training needed to ensure success. As a result, Burger King has received steady, dependable permanent employees with great attitudes and work ethics. One of our clients who is currently employed at Burger … Read more »

Jonah’s Story

Jonah has recently secured his first position as a young adult in Huntington. This position is a stepping stone for Jonah, providing him with the opportunity to spend more time interacting with others in the community. See the video!  (more…) … Read more »

Welcome to Pathfinder Resource Connection

Pathfinder Resource Connection, the Employment Division of Pathfinder Services began in 1987 and specializes in assisting people with disabilities and others in finding and retaining employment. (more…) … Read more »