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Pathfinder Kids Kampus is an integrated facility that serves children of all abilities in the same learning space from birth to age 12.

Kids Kampus Childcare and Education

Pathfinder Kids Kampus is the only National Association for the Education of Young Children accredited center in Huntington County.

Kids Kampus offers part-time and full-time traditional childcare to children through age 12 and Early Head Start (EHS), which is center-based or home based and is offered at no cost to low-income and foster families in need of childcare. EHS focuses on working with children from birth to age three and developing relationships with parents. Including prenatal moms.

Pathfinder kids kampus
Education and Training: Morgan & Millie

Kids Kampus also offers high-quality early childhood education through private pay preschool and On My Way Pre-K, which is free to qualifying families. These programs provide opportunities for children to build their language skills, social and emotional skills, math concept awareness, and more, building a foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Kids Kampus is the only National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited center in Huntington County. NAEYC is the gold standard for early childhood programs across the country. Kids Kampus also has Level 4 status in Paths to Quality, the highest level in Indiana’s quality rating system.

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Investing in the Next Generation

Sheila crawford
“I don’t just help kids; I help families.”
Sheila Crawford

Stories that Inspire

Elizabeth hire teaching

Elizabeth began her journey with Kids Kampus as a preschool student, volunteered as a teenager, and finally, once she graduated, returned to the place where it all began.

“I brought my diploma in and said, ‘I can work here now! I can work here!’ So I’ve just always been around.”

Now a mother herself, Elizabeth sent her daughter, Becca, to preschool at Kids Kampus, until her daughter moved…

Mary burke volunteering

Almost 40 years ago, Mary Burke’s youngest child went off to kindergarten, and Mary went out to sell encyclopedias door-to-door. She quickly learned that wasn’t her gift, but she didn’t quite know what her gift was.

Eager to help her friend, who was a nurse affiliated with Pathfinder Services, Mary applied for a job opening in adult daily activities. Though she lacked the self-confidence to believe she had…

Jonah hunt 2

Upon their pediatrician’s advice, Jonah’s parents began looking for a program to help their son when he was just three years old. When they found Pathfinder Community Supports at the State Street building, it offered solutions for the family beyond their expectations.

They immediately enrolled Jonah for occupational and physical therapy. Soon afterward, Jonah attended daycare and preschool classes with Mary Burke at Kids Kampus, and she remains…

Olivia playing

Heather S. is a mother of four children, ages 2 – 15. She has come to believe that the earlier you start a child in school, the better chance that child has at being successful later in life.

Take her experience with her daughter, Olivia, age 2, for example.

For a little over a year, Olivia has been enrolled in Early Head Start and is reaping…