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On My Way Pre-K

Pathfinder Kids Kampus offers On My Way Pre-K, a preschool program free to four-year-old children of qualifying families. This high-quality preschool option is an essential component to the success of our community. The quality of early childhood education we offer provides opportunities for children to build their language skills, social and emotional skills, math concept awareness, and more, building a foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Pathfinder Kids Kampus offers On My Way Pre-K to all qualifying families. On My Way Pre-K begins in August and ends in May on the same schedule as our community schools.

All Kids Kampus preschool teachers are certified in Early Childhood Education and trained in First Aid, CPR, and AED.

While enrolled, your child will be introduced to fundamental developmental milestones that will better prepare them for their year in kindergarten.

On My Way Pre-K operates on a Monday through Friday schedule with up to 50 hours of attendance per week.

Pathfinder Kids Kampus Premiere Preschool
Curriculum Information

Kindergarten Readiness Programs
Literacy Development
Cognitive Thinking
Creative Play
Social Concepts
Health Awareness Programs
Parent Conferences
Developmental Assessments

Teacher Credentials

Certification and Degree in Early Childhood Education
First Aid Certified
CPR Certified
AED Certified
Continuous Training in Early Childhood Education
Trained Creative Curriculum

Enhanced Activities

Fine and Large Motor Skills Enhancement
Fine Arts
Music Programs