Supported Living

Persons that utilize Pathfinder Community Supports Supported Living Services are able to do many things for themselves, but still need some assistance in independent living. Supported Living services range from one hour to 24 hours per day. Supported Living staff provides assistance to those with disabilities in areas where they need assistance utilizing person centered planning.

Pathfinder Services Inc. provides Supported Independent Living service to adults in Huntington, Marshall, Wabash, and Allen counties of northern Indiana who have developmental disabilities.

Pathfinder Services Inc. utilizes person centered planning which is defined as information specific to each client as provided by them and other stakeholders in their life who know them best.


Adults utilizing the Supported Independent Living services of Pathfinder Community Supports embrace these principles:

  • Stability
  • Independence
  • Availability and continuity of support
  • Easy access to the community
  • Flexibility of lifestyle
  • Personalized environment
  • Individual empowerment
  • Quality assurance
  • Maintaining a home or apartment
  • Privacy, respect and dignity
  • Community acceptance
  • Enhanced social relationships
  • Community integration and participation
  • Economic independence

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Family Support

Family members appreciate the flexibility and responsiveness they find in Supported Independent Living staff. Family members play an important role in helping customers adjust to living on their own and encouraging their loved ones to become more self-sufficient.

Pathfinder Community Supports encourages all clients to keep in contact with family and friends.


Funding for Pathfinder Community Supports Supported Independent Living program comes from:

Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Waiver