Teen Programs

Teen Programs provided by Pathfinder Community Supports include a Before and After School Program for teens, Summer Enrichment Camps, Teens on the Town, and a recreational program for teens.

Teen Programs provided by Pathfinder Community Supports began in the summer of 2007. They include an After School Program, Summer Enrichment Camp and Teens on the Town. All teen programs are geared for young adults 13 years through high school graduation with intellectual disabilities.

Our After School Program provides a safe secure place for teens to socialize and unwind providing parent’s peace of mind knowing their child is being cared for by trained staff.

Through the summer months we offer a summer program for our young adults filled with safe and meaningful activities during the day time hours that promote continuous learning and retention of skills. Our hope is that our teens will return to school in the fall equipped for the coming school year without any loss of skills and memories of a fun and eventful summer.

Our Teens on the Town program offer our young adults planned, supervised activities every other month, to gather and socialize, with the opportunity to make new friends and experience leisure activities in their community.