Creative Abundance

For the next two weeks the Creative Abundance will be at Pathfinder Services helping us improve our services.  It is a hands on experience for our staff and those we serve in our day services program and we need some extra craft supplies. Needed items include every day things like paper bags, newspapers, empty laundry soap bottles, and fabric of any kind.  Donations can be dropped off at 1152 East State Street in Huntington.

The full list of supplies we need are as follows:

  • Fabric  – jeans, prom dresses, sparkly clothes, all kinds of clothing
  • 100% wool sweaters – it is okay if they have been washed and shrunk (felted) as that is what we are going to do to them
  • Yardage – material, beadspreads, sheets, curtrains, velvet, etc
  • Paint smocks – lab coats, mens xl  or larger button up shirts, aprons
  • Thread
  • Embrodiery thread – bright colors
  • Embrodery needles – blunt end, sharp, plastic
  • Scissors
  • Small embroidery hoops  10″ or smaller
  • Craft paint
  • Plastic containers to hold paint, empty yogurt tubs,  margarine tubs.
  •  Fabric softner bottles, and laundry detergant bottles to hold paint from gallon cans
  • Old muffin tins
  • Old  1 or 2 gallon stock pots
  • Brown grocery bags, kraft paper
  • Colored paper – tissue, construction, wrapping paper – all kinds of paper
  • Newspapers
  • Glue guns/glue sticks
  • Old chairs, desks, tables, wooden stuff to paint
  • Any inexpensive ideas for art drying racks
  • Lampshades
  • ODDS N ENDS   – any craft material such as felt, etc, buttons, beads, costume jewelry,  foam balls, lace, ribbon, rope, twine, cds, 45s, bottle caps.  Anything that might be used in a craft