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Outsourcing Your Business Needs

Pathfinder Services Outsource Manufacturing was established in 1966 to provide revenue generation for people with physical and developmental disabilities through employment at our facility to do work for other businesses. Outsource Manufacturing provides solutions to high labor and facility costs for other businesses that reduce the company’s productivity and profit levels.

Business Solutions and Services

Pathfinder Services Outsource Manufacturing provides cost-effective solutions for business by providing manufacturing and packaging services to ensure delivery on short-term and long-term needs.

We hire people with varying abilities to do the work of other businesses inside our own facility to provide quality, on-time delivery of customer products and services.

Outsource Manufacturing’s vast capabilities include delivery services, skin packing, die cutting, bag sealing, vinyl heat sealing, riveting, packaging, kit assembly, salvaging, paper cutting and folding, press operations, product fulfillment, and much more. Our 10,000 square foot facility is equipped with a dock, central air, 440 3-Phase outside ventilation, and up-to-date manufacturing equipment, allowing us to provide on-time delivery of quality customer products.

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Pathfinder Outsource Manufacturing

We enable our workforce to maximize their abilities through innovative fixtures, templates, machinery, proofing, skill development, and high standard quality control.

We work to keep pace with today’s ever-changing economy to create more opportunities for our employees and businesses. We continue to reach out to potential new customers, locally, nationally, and globally, to create those job opportunities and help our business partners reduce operating costs and become more profitable.

Pathfinder Services Outsource Manufacturing establishes, documents, implements, and maintains our quality management system and improves effectiveness in accordance with ISO 9000:2015 quality assurance.

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