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Customized merchandise

Personalized Merchandise

Pathfinder Services Outsource Manufacturing has an extensive assortment of custom gifts and promotional materials for sale to individuals and businesses. Customers are not only purchasing quality merchandise, but also capitalizing on a philanthropic opportunity as proceeds go to support programs within Pathfinder Services.

Shop with Purpose

Pathfinder Services Outsource Manufacturing offers thousands of customized gifts and promotional products for sale to individuals and companies.

Items purchased through Outsource Manufacturing allow customers to buy with confidence and help fund Pathfinder Services programs. Proceeds help us continue our mission to strengthen communities primarily by enabling people facing physical, developmental, or economic challenges to achieve independence, inclusion, and stability.

Individuals can buy customized products to promote themselves or give as gifts to family and friends. Businesses can purchase promotional products to help their brand stand out, give to customers, hand out at conferences and trade shows, promote events, and give as gifts to employees.

We offer thousands of products, from shirts and jackets to tote bags and backpacks, pens and pencils to USB drive and speakers, key chains and buttons to water bottles and travel mugs, and so much more. Shop by category or by price. Our products range in cost to fit any budget. We will help you find the product that is right for you.

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Customized merchandise
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