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Nawanda in front of house


Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center envisions vibrant, safe, and stable neighborhoods where people take pride in their homes and are engaged in their community.

Reaching the Dream of Home Ownership

Pathfinder Services HomeOwnership Center, a NeighborWorks organization, is a nonprofit, one-stop shop for homebuyers.Our mission is to help people with financial challenges set up and follow a plan to realize their dream of homeownership.

Created in 1997, Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center guides potential homebuyers through the entire process of pre-purchase, education, loan packaging, closing on the home, post-purchase counseling, and when needed, foreclosure prevention counseling. Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center gives people the confidence of knowing someone is in their corner from their first appointment until the day they get the keys to their very own home and beyond.

Cody and family closing on home

Home Sweet Home

Karrie s
“I would never have been able to get to this point without Pathfinder Services.”
Karrie S.

Stories that Inspire

Tosha in kitchen

Her daughter is in the Varsity Singers at Huntington North High School and her son is serving our country in the US Navy. Tosha is also a proud homeowner thanks to her hard work and guidance from the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center, a NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center.

Tosha contacted the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center in March of 2014 to see if she might be able to afford to stop renting. Like…

Laura james home 2

Laura’s husband passed away, and she had no idea how to go forward. She had spent the last couple of years taking care of him and financially she didn’t feel she was in a position to better her outlook.

“I happened to read an article in the Fort Wayne Newspaper about some of the services that Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center provides,”

Laura explains.

“It was a glimmer for me…