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New haven home acquisition rehab

Community Improvement

Pathfinder Services HomeOwnership Center helps build stronger neighborhoods and improves communities by purchasing vacant homes, fixing them up, and selling them to qualified buyers.

HomeOwnership Improving Communities

Pathfinder Services HomeOwnership Center helps improve neighborhoods by purchasing vacant homes, fixing them up, and helping qualified buyers become new homeowners.

We begin by updating the home to make it comfortable and safe for living. We may paint, replace floors, update kitchens and bathrooms, repair plumbing, install a new furnace, or take on any other projects that need done. Our goal is to prepare the home for new owners and make it as maintenance free as possible.

Our goal of improving communities is achieved by matching interested buyers with affordable, rehabilitated homes to help create vibrant and stable neighborhoods. Homeowners who take pride in their homes become engaged in their communities.

Acquisition rahab home
Nawanda in front of house
Acquisition rahab home
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