Money Management and Credit Building

Money Management: Your score and so much more!

Money Management workshops provided by Pathfinder HomeOwnsership Center consist of two, 4 hour sessions focused on building and improving credit score. Sessions include:

  • Hands-on-experience
  • Free credit report
  • Creating your own spending and savings plan

Attend all sessions and you may be eligible to:

  • Receive up to $100 from Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center to open a matched savings account at a local bank.
  • Receive up to a $300 loan with a local financial institution.

Money Management Online

Achieving your goal just got easier!  Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center is happy to offer an online Money Management course.  eHomeAmerica is a certified online educational course.  Once you’ve completed the course, Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center will contact you about your experience and send you your certificate!


Get In Touch

For more information or if you’d rather talk to a person to discuss your options, call:

(260) 355-0521.