Money Management and Credit Building

Money Management: Your score and so much more!

Financial Capabilities workshops provided by Pathfinder HomeOwnsership Center consist of two, 4 hour sessions focused on overall financial capability with an emphasis on building and improving credit score. Sessions include:

  • Hands-on-experience
  • Free credit report
  • Creating your own spending and savings plan

To enroll in a class, contact Sandy Ayers for more information at (260)  456-2385 ext. 3601 or email her at [email protected].

Attend all sessions and you may be eligible to:

  • Receive up to $100 from Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center to open a matched savings account at a local bank.
  • Receive up to a $300 loan with a local financial institution.

A recent graduate of the workshops explained to our staff what the program did for her. Jessica said, “After taking Financial Capabilities I was able to identify all of my expenses and which ones I could cut back on to start paying down my debt to help improve my credit score and plan for my future. I set realistic, measurable, and planned goals for myself. I opened up a savings account with automatic transfers from my paycheck for emergencies after I learned how important it is to have money to fall back on without having to rely on credit. Thanks to Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center I now know how to turn my dreams into achievable goals.”

Money Management Online

Achieving your goal just got easier!  Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center is happy to offer an online Money Management course.  eHomeAmerica is a certified online educational course.  Once you’ve completed the course, Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center will contact you about your experience and send you your certificate!