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Build Credit

Pathfinder Services HomeOwnership Center helps people take the first steps toward financial stability through in-person and online money management workshops. Offered both in-person and online, the focus of the workshops is on how to manage money and ways of building and improving credit scores.

Building Credit for HomeOwnership

Pathfinder Services HomeOwnership Center offers money management workshops to help people facing financial challenges learn to manage money and build and improve their credit score.

The in-person Money Management workshops consist of two separate four-hour sessions that involve hands-on experiences, creating a spending and savings plan, and obtaining a free credit report. Those who attend and participate in the sessions will receive up to $100 from the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center to open a matched savings account at a local bank and up to a $300 loan at a local financial institution.

First time homebuyers

If you are unable to participate in the in-person workshops, we offer a certified online education course through eHomeAmerica. The workshop covers understanding savings and spending, understanding credit, and managing personal finances.

Once the course is completed either in-person or online, a Pathfinder HomeOwnership team member will contact each individual to find out about their experience and get information to send a certificate of completion.

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Start Your Journey

If you are interested in starting your journey towards HomeOwnership, please create an account, and you will be contacted shortly.