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Homebuyer Development

Pathfinder Services HomeOwnership Center has certified counselors who develop customized plans to help people prepare to purchase a home. Counselors work closely with each individual and family to ensure they are comfortable with and understand each step of the process before moving forward.

Customized Plans for HomeOwnership

Pathfinder Services HomeOwnership Center team members work with potential homeowners through each stage of the homebuying process to help them understand what is happening, why it is happening, and determine the right time to advance to the next step.

Our certified counselors help people move from one part of the process to the next based on their individual needs and progress on their financial path to homeownership.

Our development programs are customized to allow people to adapt to changes and achieve their full potential as they work to realize their dreams. Counselors are available to answer questions and provide a better understanding of the homebuying process.

Along with general guidance as part of development, our team members cover credit coaching, budgeting, and loan option comparisons.

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