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Homebuyer Education

Pathfinder Services HomeOwnership Center has in-person and online programs to help those we serve gain the knowledge and confidence needed to purchase a home. Our mandatory Homebuyer Education course helps people decide if homeownership is right for them, shop for the right home, and learn what it takes to properly maintain a home.

What You Need to Know About HomeOwnership

Pathfinder Services HomeOwnership Center requires every individual and family interested in purchasing a home to participate in homebuyer education.

We want to make sure the people we serve have a true understanding of what it takes to prepare for, buy, close on, and maintain a home. Homebuyer education positions people for successful homeownership.

The in-person course is at least eight hours and can be done in two class sessions depending on the size and make-up of the class. What is taught in the course will enable attendees to be able to make an informed decision as to whether homeownership is right for them. They will also learn how to shop for a home and how to maintain a home after it is purchased.

If you are unable to participate in the in-person workshops, we offer a certified online education course through eHomeAmerica. The workshop covers determining if homeownership is the right choice, shopping for a home, and maintaining a home.

Upon completion of the course, a Pathfinder HomeOwnership team member will contact each individual to find out about their experience and get information to send a certificate of completion.

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