A Dream Come True

The Alexander Family fulfills dream of home ownership with the help of Pathfinder Services

The Alexander family became homeowners with help from Pathfinder Services.

Alton and Robin Alexander are living the American dream raising two girls in a beautiful new home in Woodburn. But life hasn’t always been easy for this family of four. A few years ago, the Alexanders were forced to move to a rental in a blighted, crime-ridden Detroit neighborhood.

The family searched for a way to escape their dangerous new reality. Robin found a home located in a small community outside of Fort Wayne, but due to the recession, didn’t think their home ownership dream could become reality. That’s when Pathfinder Services stepped in to help Robin and Alton purchase their new dream home. “[Pathfinder Services] didn’t judge us,” Robin says. “They didn’t look down on us for being where we were. They wanted to help.”

When the recession hit home
Alton and Robin Alexander had been the typical American family. Living in a comfortable neighborhood in Western Michigan, the couple was pregnant with their first child. While Alton had been promised a permanent position after six months, the recession brought about a hiring freeze, making it impossible for Alton to gain long-term employment. Alton tried another line of work, but it fell through too. Alton and Robin ended up losing their home and moved in with family members in Detroit, living in their basement until they could find a rental home.

When they finally moved into a rental property, life only worsened. “The owners did nothing to fix up a home riddled with mold in a neighborhood where gunfire–even swat teams–were a nightly, regular occurrence,” Robin adds. “We couldn’t go out after dark in the neighborhood. We didn’t go outside in the backyard unless my husband was home.”

The situation seemed hopeless. The Alexanders couldn’t move into the expensive suburban neighborhoods of Detroit, so they decided to draw a large circle on the map around Detroit with potential places to move. The circle included Fort Wayne, so Robin began searching for houses in the area. She stumbled upon a new home built by Granite Ridge Builders and decided to tour some of their models.

A Dream Come True
Located in a beautiful subdivision in Woodburn, the Alexanders settled on one of the models as their favorite, but weren’t sure how they would afford it. Granite Ridge suggested that they call Pathfinder Services HomeOwnership Center, where the family could receive help buying a home. When Robin contacted Pathfinder Services, she found the process easy and fast.

Pathfinder Services let the family break ground for a new home in June. By August they were approved for a loan and in December, they moved into their new dream home.

“We’re in a neighborhood where we can go for a walk and go out and play. I love everything about it.” Robin adds. “I can’t say enough good about Pathfinder. They wanted to help. Pathfinder Services is the place to go.”

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