The certified staff of Pathfinder Services will guide and educate you throughout the process. We can help you become mortgage eligible by credit coaching, budgeting, advising, etc. We will also help you compare mortgage options to fit your needs.

There are no requirements to begin using our services. Each customer will receive a personalized plan tailored to meet their goals.

There is no exact time frame for this process.  Your motivation and determination are the key factors to your timeline and success.

Free annual credit reports do not have all of the information needed for this process. We pull a tri-merge credit report that shows your mortgage scores from the three major credit reporting bureaus. Our reports also come with every piece of information our Certified HomeOwnership Counselors need to give you the most accurate and updated information regarding your mortgage readiness. Credit reports from financial institutions and your free annual credit report do not have the details we need to move forward. Also keep in mind that we do soft credit pulls since we use your credit for educational purposes. Our credit reports will not hurt your credit score, nor will they show up on your credit.