Offers Products Produced by Local Non-Profit Organizations- Just in Time for Holiday Shopping

As millions of holiday shoppers gear up for the Christmas season, there are more opportunities than ever to give back. is one of these options. HumbleBuy is operated by Pathfinder Services, created for the sole purpose of broadening exposure and increasing the number of potential buyers for products manufactured by people with varying abilities. The goal of HumbleBuy is to provide this under-employed, yet skilled workforce with an opportunity to earn vital income while improving their quality of life by establishing a sustainable market for their skills and talents. When you buy from HumbleBuy you receive premium products, and you support local job creation especially for difficult-to-employ yet skilled individuals creating opportunities and control over destiny.

The products ControlAbility, Monofoil, Vinyl and Corrugated Binders, produced and sold locally by Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing. can now be purchased by consumers all over the country on Pathfinder Services, Inc. is a nationally accredited not-for-profit organization providing comprehensive community development services- helping people along life’s path. Serving Huntington and Northeast Indiana since 1966, Pathfinder Services, Inc. provides a continuum of supports to more than 220 individuals with disabilities each year and employs a caring team of more than 450 employees.

HumbleBuy works with organizations across the state of Indiana and strives to encompass partners nationally to bring you a variety of high quality products made by some of the most skilled and talented craftsmen. More and more consumers recognize the difference in quality between HumbleBuy products and the mass manufactured products that are so commonly purchased from mega-retailers. Listed below are some of the valued partners of HumbleBuy from across the state.

Ability Nation

Ability Nation ScentsationsTM products are made by Americans with “Abilities Unrecognized” right here in the USA. Your purchase of them helps us in our mission to provide employment opportunities to a segment of our population that endures an unemployment rate as high as 75%. Great products for you or as thoughtful gifts for those you love!


Whether in the classroom, on the playing field, in the workplace, or in the neighborhood, the power of participation is incredible. Through comprehensive residential and day services ADEC helps people with developmental and physical disabilities discover and share their talents in their community as employees, students, competitors, consumers, advocates and volunteers.

Cardinal Services

Founded in 1954, Cardinal Services is a community based not-for-profit striving to be the premier provider of services to people with disabilities and other needs.

Pathfinder Services

Pathfinder Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit human services organization based in Huntington, where it was founded in 1966. Pathfinder Services envisions a community in which all people are valued and accepted and have control over their own destinies. In addition to Huntington County, Pathfinder Services also has office locations in Allen, Marshall, Wabash and Whitley Counties.

PEAK Community Services

PEAK Community Services is a nationally accredited not-for-profit organization providing supports and assistance to individuals experiencing life with a disability in Logansport and Winamac.


Stone Belt is one of the oldest and largest service providers for individuals with developmental disabilities in south central Indiana. We are committed to quality services, and we invite the entire community to play a role in preparing, empowering and supporting individuals with developmental disabilities to fully participate in the life of the community. We value Stone Belt’s tradition of excellence and leadership in the field that is founded on our belief that everyone deserves dignity, self-worth and the right to self-determination.

As holiday gift giving is upon us, visit first for your shopping needs. Visit to view all of the products available for purchase and learn more.

Pathfinder Services, Inc. is a local not for profit organization specializing in working with people with and without disabilities, and has been serving Huntington County since 1966. Pathfinder Services, Inc. serves over 3,000 individuals with and without disabilities throughout Northeast Indiana, and also has office locations in Huntington, Wabash and Plymouth.