Employment Services

Pathfinder Resource Connection assists persons with marketable skills to secure employment. Careful consideration is given to matching employee abilities with employer needs. This is done through:

  • Personalized, in-depth match with the employer
  • Pre-screening of applicants
  • Assistance with training
  • Extended services after placement when applicable

Employee Consideration

  • Education
  • Work history
  • Interests and abilities
  • Personal needs



The Discovery process provides an opportunity for the individual and their team to explore the individual’s talents, interests, preferences, capabilities, ideal work environment, and informed choice in order to identify an appropriate vocational goal.

  • Personal Interview
  • Trial Work Evaluations
    • Helps determine eligibility for Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
  • Situational Assessments
    • Assesses an individual’s strengths and needs through observation of the individual’s behavioral and job task performance.
  • Job Shadowing
    • Provides an opportunity for the individual and their Employment Specialist to visit employers in the community and observe different jobs.
  • Vocational Testing
    • Utilized to help evaluate and identify an individual’s vocational strengths, aptitudes, abilities, capabilities, interest, and academic skill levels to identify an appropriate employment goal.
  • Work Experience
    • Allows individuals to explore jobs through first-hand, work-based learning opportunities.
  • Identifying Careers


Job Readiness Training

Job Readiness Training is designed to identify and teach strategies to overcome barriers to employment. The service may provide the consumer with insights about how to manage challenges related to his or her impairment, as well as strategies for overcoming these challenges.

  • Pnctuality
  •  Dress for Success
  • Employer Expectations
    • Work Ethic Code of Conduct
    • Productivity
  • Esteem and confidence building
    • Improved interactions
    • Build meaningful work relationships
    • Assistance with improving communication, teamwork, and interpersonal relationships.


Job Development / Placement

Job development / placement activities support and assist consumers in searching for an appropriate job.

  • Help in resume preparation
  • Identifying appropriate job opportunities
  • Developing interview skills
  • Assisting consumers in making contact with business
  • Making contacts with businesses on behalf of the consumer


Job Coaching / Supported Employment

Support services are provided to individuals who have been placed in employment settings and require job coaching to stabilize their placement and enhance job retention.  Pathfinder Resource Connection provides specialized on-site training to assist the individual with learning and performing job and adjusting to the work environment.  This training can include development job aids to help a person do a task.  The extent of job training is provided based on the individual need.

  • On-site training and advocacy
  • Off site support
  • Skills development


Extended Services

Extended services are ongoing support services needed to support and maintain an individual with most significant disability in their job.

  • Long term employment supports


To find out out more about our placement and training services, you can reach us at 1-800-310-9510 or by email at [email protected]