John Niederman Receives Chairman Award at INARF Annual Awards Luncheon

 Pathfinder Services President John Niederman received the Chairman’s Award at the Indiana Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (INARF) annual conference this week.

The Chairman’s Award is presented to outstanding executives/administrators in the

human service industry. Niederman was recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit, political acumen, ethical demeanor and professional posture with Pathfinder Services.

Some criteria of the award include nominees diligently stay the course of service delivery for individuals with developmental disabilities, believe in the worth of all individuals of varying abilities, which is manifested through the operations/programs they manage and their dedication to their cause, and remaining abreast of and develop quality programs using the latest innovations in the field within the resources available to them.

The award was presented to Niederman as part of an awards luncheon held in Indianapolison Wednesday, March 14th. Niederman has been President of Pathfinder Services since 1985.

Pathfinder Services is a Comprehensive Human and Community Development not for profit organization serving HuntingtonCountysince 1966. Pathfinder Services serves over 3,000 individuals with and without disabilities throughout Northeast Indiana and has office locations in Huntington, Allen, Marshall, Wabashand Whitley counties. For more information on Pathfinder Services please call their Huntingtonoffice at (260) 356-0500 or visit