Darlene, Cindy, Norman & Elizabeth's Story

“We need to do something for our town, not only for people in wheelchairs but for the entire town.”

Darlene, Cindy, Norman and Elizabeth have been a part of a group who walked our communities to note unsafe conditions, as well as properly designed walkways with a goal of making walkways safer for all pedestrians. The group then reported the results back to Pathfinder Services President, John Niederman.

Darlene: Now you could not see the car coming this way, they needed to take that thing out so there would be more room for people to see the traffic pattern to cross the street.
(Quick fixes: Adjust pedestrian crossing signs.)

Cindy: Making sure the walks did not have holes in them and aren’t worn down.

Norman: I didn’t realize that a lot of people that walk never thought about the need to have safe
corners. We need to do something for our town, not only for people in wheel chairs but for the entire town.

Elizabeth: I’m excited to be a part of this group.

John Niederman: We are working with an architect for walkable parts of town so folks of all ages and all abilities can not only have a safe place to walk, but
also resting points and other things to make our downtown a much nicer place for our residents.