Challengers: 2 – 3 year olds

Children explore exciting age appropriate activities that foster positive growth and development in a nurturing environment. This structured program incorporates high interest activities that are designed to keep children eager, busy, and learning through play! Parents can experience children discovering and learning in an interactive environment. Services are provided from 5:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Enroll now

Part Time May Be Available

Challengers Room Foundations:

To help with the development of large motor skills we have a range of devices including age appropriate riding equipment for 2’s, balls of all shapes and sizes for children to throw or kick, and push/pull toys that are models of objects that adults use (shopping carts, baby carriages, vacuum cleaners, etc).

We ask the children open-ended questions. We use cognitive activities such as large beads for stringing, shape sorters with common shapes and nesting cups so children can explore cause and effect and how things work.

Using adult language to encourage communication with 2’s, we create conversational opportunities between peers. We also help children tk learn communication techniques to convey their wants and needs.  We also provide many sensory opportunities.

We give different opportunities for children to learn healthy eating habits by offering nourishing meals and snacks. We provide age appropriate material and activities to guide and encourage children’s learning.