Creators: 4 – 5 year olds

Children are invited to discover and learn in multi-dimensional, playful, and open-ended ways. Days are filled with interesting and diverse activities. A variety of experiences help children build connections and make sense of their world. Enroll now

Creators Room Foundations:


  • To develop fine motor skills, strength and dexterity, children have access to real tools such as hammers and nails.
  • To develop fine motor skills, children have access to puzzles of varying difficulty, a variety of blocks, and beads to string.
  • To enhance scientific skills, children participate in experiences to compare and draw conclusions.
  • To promote gross motor skills, we encourage children to participate in active music, play, and outdoor games.
  • To build awareness of health and safety, we schedule visits from community helpers including: fire fighters, police officers, doctors, and dental hygienists.