Kyle’s Path to HomeOwnership

“My name is Kyle Owen.  I’m 26 years old and I already purchased my first home by myself thanks to the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center.”

Kyle was fairly content renting an apartment with a couple of his friends.  He enjoyed not having to worry about maintenance issues and was comfortable sharing the monthly costs of the apartment. Even so, he still couldn’t help but wonder what opportunities were out there for owning his own home.  “I was paying over $400 a month for rent and utilities and started thinking for just a couple hundred more a month, I could probably own a decent home.  At that point, I felt like I was throwing my money away on rent.”

Kyle decided to attend an open house hosted by MBN Properties.  He looked at two newly built homes that day, his neighbor’s home and his future home.  “That’s when I met my realtor who had worked with the HomeOwnership Center many times.  He encouraged me to create an account and get the process started.  I’m glad I did.”

The staff at the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center helped Kyle understand his options, the many variables that might arise, and just how much home he could afford.  “I could tell from the very first appointment how eager they were to help me, as a person, achieve one of the biggest goals in life – owning a home.  I had not looked for other mortgage options, but I knew they were working with me to get the best loan option possible. I was shocked at how much I could afford after they plugged in my numbers.  The process itself was a little bit of work and waiting for the loan was the hardest part, but in the end it was worth it!”

The timing was perfect for Kyle.  His home was finished a month or two before he started looking.  He was approved for a USDA Direct loan and he was able to move directly from his apartment to his brand new home.  Kyle is now a proud home owner who enjoys cooking in his large kitchen and who appreciates the open concept designed by MBN Properties.  “I’m so glad I took that first step with the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center.  Their staff was trustworthy, knowledgeable and I knew they were there to help me through the entire process.  I highly recommend them to anyone who is even thinking of becoming a home owner.”