LaMont Award Nominations Sought

Pathfinder Services, Inc. is once again searching for someone in the community who has made an extra effort to assist persons with disabilities. Nominations for the 25th annual Herbert D. LaMont Award must be made by Monday September 20, 2010.

The award is given in memory of Herbert D. LaMont, who was a major force in the development of services for persons with disabilities in Huntington County. He was an early supporter of Pathfinder Services, Inc.

Awards have been presented to Judy Vanderspool, Bill Kruzan, Helen Brandt, Kay LaMont, Dr. Eugene Habecker, Dr. John Regan, Chuck Nelson, Wynfield and Lyn Wetherbee, Kent and Sally Schenkel, Royce Ruckman, the late Tom Butler, Mary Brennan, Fred Teddy, Roger Strickler, David Brewer, John and Midge Decker, George Brown, Lola Lee Peters, Fr. Ron Reider, Altrusa International, Suze Ann Eichhorn, Harriet and the late Leo Zahm, Bill Hancher, and Jim Scheiber.

Last year’s recipient Greta Schenkel, has devoted many years of her life working with the children of the Huntington Community through volunteering. Schenkel has volunteered at Pathfinder Kids Kampus since 1991 where she currently volunteers Monday through Thursday for 25 to 30 hours each week.

Past recipients of the LaMont Award were selected because of their continued years of dedication to making the community more aware of persons with disabilities and their potential. They have been involved in many special projects at Pathfinder Services, Inc. The award is designed to recognize an individual or organization that, through everyday example, creates the potential for persons with disabilities to become an integrated part of community life in Huntington County.

Criteria used to select recipients include:

  • The nominee has made significant contributions towards creating opportunities for persons with disabilities to reach their maximum potential through communicating, working, and living as an integrated part of the Huntington community.
  • Seeking by example to communicate and educate the Huntington community about the capabilities of persons with disabilities to become part of the mainstream of the community.
  • Concrete examples of the nominee’s activities are necessary to document the impact made.
  • The candidate must be active in Huntington County.
  • No current staff member of Pathfinder Services, Inc. is eligible for the award.


Letters of nomination may be sent to:


LaMont Award Committee

c/o Jason Meyer, Communications/Marketing Coordinator

Pathfinder Services, Inc.

P0 Box 1001

Huntington IN 46750


The winner will be announced at Pathfinder Services, Inc.’s annual community recognition dinner to be held on November 6th this year.