Letter to the Editor John

Dear Editor:

There are truly nice and caring people in Northeast Indiana.  I wanted to share with you a couple of stories one of our Direct Support Professionals (DSP’s) employed by Pathfinder Community Supports, our adult services division shared with me recently.

One afternoon two of our DSP’s were at Dunkin Donuts in Fort Wayne.  Our employees had two of the individuals we serve who needed a lot of assistance. Both gentleman use wheel chairs, and need assistance when eating. Our staff was doing their job as usual, and towards the end of their meal, the cashier came up to our employees table with a $10.00 gift card.  The cashier told them that another customer had purchased it for our employees because he thought they were doing a wonderful job.  He wanted the cashier to give it to them after he left, with instructions for them to spend it on themselves. Our staff was very surprised, flattered and plan to use the card to take the two gentleman out to eat again! This shows me two things, the supportive and honest staff working for me, and the generosity of the community.

Additionally, this same employee shared how two local business owners in Huntington have gone out of their way to make the staff and the individuals we serve feel welcome in their establishments, by providing easy access ramps.

Ron Fussleman, co-owner of Coffee D’Vine has poured an outside patio with a wheel-chair ramp, and shared with our staff he put the ramp in with our customers in mind because he thought our customers might enjoy using the patio.

Kim, the owner of Sweet Cinnsations in Roanoke, recently had a wheel chair ramp poured at her diner.  She noticed how much we struggled getting our customers into her place of business, and wanted to make it easier for our employees to get the individuals we serve who utilize wheel chairs into her diner.

Thank you Huntington and Fort Wayne for remembering what it is like to be generous, and remembering a small gesture goes a long way and is greatly appreciated.




John Niederman,


Pathfinder Services, Inc.