Local Business and Community Members Recognized at Pathfinder Services Inc. Annual Dinner

Pathfinder Services Inc. held its annual dinner November 3rd at the Huntington University Habecker Dining Commons. The evening began with a cider reception at 5 p.m., followed by dinner at 6 p.m. and the presentation of the annual awards followed by the featured speaker Rachel Simon.

Among the awards presented were the Timothy Hancher Direct Services Staff Award and also the Herbert D. LaMont Award. This year the recipient of the Timothy Hancher Direct Services Staff award was Martina Young.

The Herbert D. LaMont award is given in the name of, Herbert D. LaMont, to an individual or organization that by example helps people with and without disabilities become more integral parts of the Huntington County Community. This year this award was presented to Bill Horoho, who has been and continues to be very involved with Pathfinder Services. He served as the chairman of the Pathfinder Services, Inc. Board of Directors from 1998 to 1999 and his leadership enabled the organization to establish Pathfinder Community Connections, which allowed the organization to develop its community development expertise. He currently is the most active volunteer in the organization’s Voluntary Income Tax Program, helping many Huntington County citizens with free tax preparation.

Among the other awards given were the Community Partner awards. These awards are given to honor individuals and organizations that have contributed in a significant way to helping Pathfinder Services live out its aim as an organization. Each division of Pathfinder Services Inc. presented an award to an organization or individual, totaling nine awards in all.

The following are the recipients of the Community Partner Awards, listing the corresponding branch of Pathfinder Services Inc. and the individual or organization who received the award:

  • Kids Kampus- First Federal Savings Bank
  • Resource Connection: Sodexo Campus Services
  • Community Connections-

    Fort Wayne: Lutheran Housing Support

  • Community Connections- Huntington: 1st Source Bank
  • OutSource Manufacturing: Link Environmental
  • Community Supports- Wabash: Pat Lynn
  • Community Supports- Plymouth: Kathy Meek
  • Community Supports- Huntington: Altrusa
  • Pathfinder Services: Northeast Indiana Regional Workforce Board

The last award presented for the evening was the Sustainable Business Partner Award. This award was presented to Denise and Britt Sather, who were unable to attend the event, highlighting their service with Pathfinder Services Inc. over the years. They have worked with Pathfinder Services Inc. specifically through partnership for the annual Turkey Trot and the McDonald’s benefit nights.

The speaker for the evening was the national bestselling author Rachel Simon, author of the book Riding the Bus with My Sister. Simon, an award winning author of six books and nationally recognized speaker on issues related to diversity and disability, encouraged and challenged those in attendance to “gain control over their own destiny” and to remember that “all folks deserve to be treated equally.” She spoke about the privilege of living in community and the unique opportunity given to the members to change the lives of others and to even be changed ourselves, if we take the time to invest in those around us.

Pathfinder Services, Inc. is a local not for profit organization specializing in working with people with and without disabilities, and has been serving Huntington County since 1966. Pathfinder Services, Inc. serves over 3,000 individuals with and without disabilities throughout Northeast Indiana, and also has office locations in Huntington, Wabash and Plymouth.

Bill Horoho accepting the LaMont Award- (behind him are Kay LaMont’s daughter Diane Adams and Diane’s son, Brian Adams)

Presentation of the Timothy Hancher Award- from left: Barb Hancher, Martina Young, Bill Hancher

Rachel Simon book signing with Pathfinder Services Board Chairman Dave McEowen and wife Vonda