Lori Philbee Story

As a single mother of four, and employed at Dupont Hospital as a Housekeeper, I came to Pathfinder Community Connections in March of 2009 with a recently completed divorce where I had bills I did not know even existed. I attended Home Buyer education classes through Pathfinder Community Connections where I learned how to clean up my credit score. Upon completion of the class, I went to work to get this accomplished.

In February of 2010 I came back to Pathfinder Community Connections with an improved credit score and was ready to purchase a home. Jeff Teusch, introduced me to the IDA program where I saved $400 and received a $1,200 match with an additional $200 contributed by the State of Indiana making a total of $1,400 which I used for my closing costs and home owners insurance. On August 17th, I purchased my home in Huntertown.

-Lori Philbee

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