Mike & Kim’s Story

We decided to look at a house after we lost our last house due to extensive medical bills. Makenzie was born with a hypo-plastic left heart syndrome, which means she doesn’t have the left side of her heart requiring us to spend a lot of time in Indianapolis. Basically we were living in two different places at one time and what little money we had saved up went fast

We found Community Connections because we heard they could help us to get a house which was a blessing. The staff at Pathfinder Community Connections were helpful by telling us what to look for in a realtor and a house, and helping us to find what our needs are compared to our wants. The staff also worked with us to set up an IDA account and prepared our taxes for free!

Everything fell into place, we got a brand new house in a really nice neighborhood. If this program wouldn’t have existed, we would have never been able to achieve what we did. Just the simple thing of walking into a room and having someone behind the desk saying you have just been approved to buy a new house is a great feeling.

It makes you want to get up the next day and do something. It makes you want to build that house, and make you want to go to work to pay for it, and it gives you something to look forward to.

-Mike, Kim, Matthew and Makenzie Overholser

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