Morgan: Prosperity

Morgan and Amelia, who is fondly known to those around her as Millie, are prospering thanks in part to her friends at Pathfinder Kids Kampus and her teachers of the Early Head Start program.  Millie started attending Early Head Start in 2016 when she was just 6 weeks old and now at two, she already knows her shapes, colors and several letters.

Morgan was a young, single mother on a limited budget who was working hard to make ends meet for her small family.  She knew she wanted the best for her daughter and had heard good things about Pathfinder Kids Kampus.  “Coming to Kids Kampus really has been a blessing for both of us.  I have learned so much about her milestones and what we can work on at home together to help her learn.  She is only two but she is so smart! Millie just loves her days here.”

Millie’s favorite activities include play dough, coloring, and singing her ABC’s with her friends.  Elizabeth Hire, Administrator and Early Head Start Director at Pathfinder Kids Kampus says, “Millie is a social butterfly and we enjoy having her here.  Part of our programing here at Pathfinder Kids Kampus is to provide socialization opportunities for our Early Head Start families where we do a fun activity but also talk with the parents or guardians about an important aspect of safety, growth or learning.  At Pathfinder Kids Kampus, we focus on the whole child and our comprehensive curriculum takes into account their emotional, social, physical, and early learning needs.”

Having Millie at Pathfinder Kids Kampus every day also gives Morgan peace of mind as she works to provide for her family.  “I work third shift as a CNA at Peabody Retirement Community in North Manchester.  Millie stays with my parents and then goes to Kids Kampus during the day.  That way I can sleep and run my errands.  I think I might feel guilty except I know how much she enjoys going to Kids Kampus.  I pick her up mid-afternoon and we start our day!”

Morgan feels the two of them have benefitted so much and is giving back to the organization by serving on the Board of Directors.  “Pathfinder Services gives back to the community in so many ways.  I had no idea how many different programs they offer and I’m excited to be a part of the Board.  I’m so thankful for all they have done for me and for my Millie.”