Norman: Employment Services

Prosperity: Good Fortune

Norman’s story defines the word prosperity – good fortune.  He independently lives in a home that he owns, has a dog named Cherokee and has a job that he loves and does well.  Norman’s good fortune is due to a bit of support from Pathfinder Services and a great deal of his own hard work and determination.

Norman has been a part of the Pathfinder Services’ family for years.  He first attended Kids Kampus and then in high school, Norman got involved with Pathfinder Resource Connection and started volunteering with different businesses. This program helped him gain knowledge and skills that would prepare him for his future career.

Norman worked in the food service industry for over 13 years. He said that experience gave him the confidence to try something different. In March of 2018 he started volunteering at Miller’s Merry Manor in Huntington. He was soon hired on part-time as a Life Enrichment Aide. He now works in the Activities Department, spending a lot of time with the residents which he loves. One of his favorite parts of his job is painting residents’ nails. Many residents specifically request him to paint their nails because he brightens their day. While he paints the residents’ nails, he can talks with them and considers many of them good friends. “Every single person in there is so loving,” Norman said.

Billie, Norman’s job coach has helped make this job possible through her support and encouragement. Norman said, “Billie has done so much, and if there was a plaque out there for the best Job Coach, she would earn it.”  In May, Norman received the employee of the month award at Miller’s Merry Manor. Norman says that he has never felt so respected and affirmed in a job. He wakes up every morning excited to go to work.

Norman’s hard work at his job has also helped him to accomplish another dream – owning his own home.  Through the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center, Norman was able to take classes and get accepted for a loan.  “Each year that I’ve lived here, I’ve taken a room and remodeled it.  This year, I put new flooring in my living room.”

Norman is one happy young man.  He has found a deeper purpose within a job that he loves, owns his dream house, attends church with his friends, has a loyal companion in his dog Cherokee and is even planning to put a pool in his back yard.