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Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing provides solutions to  high labor and facility costs that reduce a company’s productivity and profit levels. Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing provides cost effective solutions, top quality manufacturing and subcontracting services. Our vast capabilities include delivery services, skin packing, die cutting, bag sealing, vinyl heat sealing, riveting, paper cutting and folding, light manufacturing and product fulfillment.

Provide quality, on time delivery of customer products.  Enable each employee/client to live productive lives through skill development in a structured business environment economically sustainable.


Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing began with the organization in 1966 to provide revenue generation for people with disabilities. Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing currently provides work for  adults with developmental disabilities and supported by supervising staff.Our workforce includes people with varying abilities. We enable our workforce to maximize their abilities through innovative fixtures, templates, machinery, proofing, skill development, and high standard quality control. Our commercial customers benefit from this through consistent quality products, just in time delivery and cost savings.The Division’s 10,000 square foot facility is equipped with a dock, central air, 440 3-Phase outside ventilation, and up-to-date manufacturing equipment.

To keep pace with today’s ever changing economy, Pathfinder Outsource Manufacturing is advancing progressively towards creating more opportunities for out clients. This Progression is a part of Pathfinder Outsource Manufacturing’s desire to reach out to new customers, (both local and abroad) to create more job opportunities for our clients in addition to helping our business partners reduce operating costs and become more profitable.

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